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The city of Sulphur Springs contains about 5000 souls. It is beautifully situated on the divide between the timber lands and prairie lands, with a good supply of wood and water for all purposes.

Every religious denomination is represented by large commodious church buildings, with a large church membership and some of the ablest divines in the State of Texas. We have as fine legal talent and as forceful bar as is in the state, with many industrial enterprises at a great cost. Fine schools and a healthy city. The moral tone of the town is exceptionally good. With good city and county officials to enforce the law. Two large National Banks that do a big business annually. The merchants and business men of the town are all honest, upright and just men, enjoying the full confidence of the trading public and do a large amount of business yearly. We have electric lights, water works and the best sewerage system in the state. The town is in a healthy, growing and prosperous condition. Additional Hopkins County Resources

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A great disappointment. 1st. The "park" was 10 miles off the main highway over a washboard series of narrow roads that were frequented by oil rig trucks. It was tough to find. 2nd. The entrance was unmarked, just a gate with about 5 padlocks on it. Actually there were 2 gates, both unmarked as to use. The one to the left was to "office" which was littered with children's toys and assorted (literally) junk and a rusting city vehicle. It was also someones "home" besides the office although no one was there. Just an empty registration box. This obviously was not the RV park so we drove back to the 2nd gate and went through. About a 1/4 mile down a dirt road were the parking pads. There were a few sparse "trees" and one occupied (that we could tell) site. The rest was deserted. The one occupied site had someone who had obviously set up a wood working business with all the associated debris which obviously had not been cleaned up in a long time. There was also a roaming pit bull. We did not stop to try the water or power. We very slowly crept out as the turns and entrance/exits were extremely sharp and steep. We have flipped axles, oversize tires and very high ground clearance but were very nearly dragging. That I would not recommend this park is an understatement. I simply can not believe that a city facility has been allowed to deteriorate to this level. I strongly suggest that anyone wanting to visit go in without their rig first to understand what we are speaking of. - wfr1

Various - Texas: The Big PictureVarious - Texas: The Big PictureVarious - Texas: The Big PictureVarious - Texas: The Big Picture