Jimmy robertson and the playboys - so long i'm gone-i need someone

Andy Aitken, ex QoS
Allan Ball, QoS
Ann Marie Ballantyne, Airdrie United FC
Bobby Black, ex QoS
Crawford Boyd, ex QoS, with IT assistance from Alex Boyd
Charlie Brown, ex QoS
Neil Brown, online football database administrator
George Burley, ex footballer, now manager
Andrew Cleary, Scottish Football Museum
Nobby Clark, ex QOS
George Cloy, ex QoS
Billy Collings, ex QoS
Jimmy Cowley, friend of Alan Davidson
Alan Davidson, ex QoS
Laura Davidson, daughter of Alan
Paul Days, Sunderland AFC historian
Jocky Dempster, ex QoS
Lucy Diamond, proof reader
Stephen Done, Liverpool FC museum curator
Sir Alex Ferguson CBE, ex footballer, now manager
Leslie Fortune, QoS fan
Rick Glanvill, Chelsea FC historian
Bruce Gilmour, Scottish Football Museum
Bill Goldie, wordsmith and ex QoS Press Officer
Dave Halliday, Aberdeen Press & Journal and grandson of ex QoS Dave Halliday
Ian Halliday, son of ex QoS Dave Halliday
John Henderson, Airdieonians FC historian
John Hutchinson, Leicester City FC historian
Paul Joannou, Newcastle United FC historian
Derek Jones, Blackburn Rovers FC historian
Neil Kaufman, Leyton Orient FC historian
Keith at
Andy Kelly at
Andy Kerr, Scottish Football Museum
Davie Kirkpatrick, QoS fan
Lynne Laffin, PA to Sir Alex Ferguson
Lex Law, ex QoS
Brian Leng, Sunderland AFC historian
John Lerwill, Aston Villa FC historian
John Litster, Raith Rovers and Scottish football historian
Colin Lobban, Scottish Football Museum
Iain McChesney, ex QoS
Robert McLachlan, son of George McLachlan
Ted McMinn, ex QoS
Tommy Malcolm, ex Scottish Football Museum
Rob Mason, Sunderland AFC historian
Niccole Ney, Dundee FC
Rob at Blackburn Rovers PAPR
Jimmy Robertson, ex QoS
David Ross, football historian
Richard Shepherd, Cardiff City FC media department
Jim Stewart, East Fife FC historian
Gary Taylor, QoS fan
Mick Tilt, Aston Villa historian
Andy Thomson, ex QoS
Ian Turnbull, Sanquhar QoS Supporters Club
Ric Turner at -/
Hayley Weaver, Liverpool FC
Shaun Wilson, Middlesbrough FC Historian
Bruce Wright, ex QoS Programme Editor

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Jimmy Robertson And The Playboys - So Long I'm Gone-I Need SomeoneJimmy Robertson And The Playboys - So Long I'm Gone-I Need SomeoneJimmy Robertson And The Playboys - So Long I'm Gone-I Need SomeoneJimmy Robertson And The Playboys - So Long I'm Gone-I Need Someone