Fivespeed - morning over midnight

The engine is mated with a fivespeed manual transmission. A gearshift indicator on the instrument panel advises the driver of the most economical gear for a particular driving situation. But that’s not all. BlueMotion also brings regenerative braking, a stop/start system, low rolling resistance tyres, special lightweight and aero-tuned wheels, a 15 mm drop in ride height and a few aerodynamic tweaks to the exterior (grille and bumpers) and underneath the body. In effect, then, BlueMotion is about fine-tuning what is already available.

Of course, that’s where the similarities end. The Buccaneer Cafe, as you may be aware of by now if you’ve read our Razkull 125 review , is made in China. It’s powered by a 249cc, air-cooled V-Twin. Bore and stroke measurements come out to and , respectively, and a single overhead cam pushes down on two valves per cylinder. In contrast to the Razkull, however, the Buccaneer comes with electronic fuel injection instead of a carburetor, and it also has one more cog in its gearbox, for a total of five. SSR claims the Buccaneer makes hp at 8,000 rpm when measured at its crankshaft.

Fivespeed - Morning Over MidnightFivespeed - Morning Over MidnightFivespeed - Morning Over Midnight